What Is Hypnosis?

The most basic definition of hypnosis is an “altered, relaxed, state of consciousness that is characterized by the bypassing of the critical faculties and increased susceptibility to suggestion”. When a person is under hypnosis, suggestions don’t pass through the critical faculties of normal consciousness. Instead, they enter the subconscious mind directly. Then, if these suggestions are accepted by the subconscious mind, the hypnotized person acts on them.

However, the phrase “if these suggestions are accepted……” is key – hypnosis can not make you do anything that you do not want to do, or that is contrary to your moral or ethical values. You are in control at all times, you always know what is happening, and you can come out of the altered state at any time. Hypnosis will not make you unconscious, lose your memory, lose control or reveal your inner secrets.

Can Anyone Be Hypnotised?

Yes, anyone can be hypnotised as long as they want to be and have an ability to concentrate. Thus, it is not appropriate for very young children or people with certain conditions. A hypnotherapist can not force you to go into hypnosis against your will.

What Is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

NLP is the practice of understanding how people mentally (and often unconsciously) organise their thinking, feeling and language to drive their behaviour – and produce the results of that behaviour. NLP provides people with a methodology both to model outstanding performances and also used to help people to change unhelpful patterns of thinking that, in turn drive unhelpful or “problem” behaviour.A key element of NLP is that each person forms their own unique internal mental view of the world (known in NLP as their “map of the world”) based on the way that they filter and perceive their life experiences.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Most treatments are completed in 3-4 sessions of up to one hour each, but sometimes more or less sessions are required depending on the specific situation. The first session (excluding any free 20 minute session) is primarily a fact finding and background session, during which a treatment is not always given.

Hypnotherapy is an effective therapy but it also depends on your motivation and desire to change. I will aim to help you in the minimum number of sessions possible. I will regularly review your progress with you so that at any time you can make an informed judgement about how the therapy is progressing and whether it is beneficial to continue.

Do You Offer Sessions Online?

I conduct hypnotherapy sessions online via Zoom, Skype, Teams, WhatsApp or Facetime as well as face to face.

How Regularly Will I Need To See You?

This depends on the type of problem and on the progress made. I will usually see you once a week. However some clients see me once a fortnight or even once a month depending on their circumstances.

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What Does It Cost?

The cost of sessions is £90 per hour, other than the Stop Smoking Program which costs £300.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

My Standard policy is that I require at least 48 hours notice of change to appointment time.

If 24- 48 hours notice is given then 50% of the normal fee will be charged.
If less than 24 hours notice is given then 100% of the normal fee will be charged.Having said that I recognise that challenging situations sometimes occur in life and my priority is always to treat people fairly and to try to re-arrange sessions.
IN the case of last minute cancellation or need to re-arrange, please call as soon as you can.

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Lockdown has changed the way that we all work, so I am delighted to say that all my services can now be provided online, over Zoom, Skype, Teams, WhatsApp or Facetime, as well as face to face at my clinics.


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