Phobias can easily be overcome with Hypnotherapy & NLP

I provide simple and effective treatment for virtually every phobia, using use a combination of NLP and Hypnotherapy techniques.

So if, for example, you get an overwhelming urge to run away every time you see a spider, come out in a cold sweat and have to fight down panic at the thought of getting on a plane, faint at the sight of a needles, or have an almost uncontrollable fear of something unremarkable – like holes, baked beans or even balloons, then I can help – and the good news is that the vast majority of phobias can be dealt with very quickly!

We all have things that we are a bit afraid of, and situations we would rather avoid. In most cases these are just part of everyday life and the fear is just our mind helping to keep us safe. In most situations, we manage to control our fears and go about our normal activities.

But for some people, or in certain situations, normal coping mechanisms just don’t work, and the “fight or flight” response is overwhelming , even though at a conscious level, we know that there is really nothing to be afraid of and that our fears are irrational.

A phobia is what is known as a “conditioned response”, which means that each time a phobia is experienced, the behaviour of the phobic person reinforces the phobia, so it important that help is sought at the earliest opportunity.


I am delighted to say that all my services can now be provided online, over Zoom, Skype, Teams, WhatsApp or Facetime, as well as face to face at my clinics.

Let me help you deal with your phobia!

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