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Donald Hamilton Hypnotherapy Reviews

Anxiousness about an MRI scan replaced with calm

I had an upcoming MRI scan (and was feeling more anxious about going into the tube than the results). Donald took me through a simple emotion/experience connection rearrangement exercise (my description not a technical term) a few days before. The result: A calm experience in the scanner which passed quickly and without fear. Thank you Donald.

I'm a non-smoker now!!!

I had smoked for over 40 years and whilst I could cut down I never had the control to stop. Not anymore! I was given Donald's details by an acquaintance and went along to see him without any certainty but after a single session I can proudly say I am winning my battle to be a non smoker. My biggest surprise was just how simple it was so get yourself in touch with this delightful man and let him help you. Thank you Donald.

Binge eating

I contacted Donald about my bingeing and emotional eating. After an initial chat Donald had worked out the reasons behind my habits and created the techniques to help me. After the first session I was amazed how quickly I felt a difference. No more bingeing, no more eating as a reaction to my emotions. In fact, only eating when I was hungry and even then I stopped when I was full. This has never happened before! I am now a lot more mindful of my eating habits and am able to control them when I need to. It is also great that Donald records the sessions and you are able to listen to them when you feel you might need a top up. I would highly recommend Donald.

Dentist phobia

I used to have fear of going to the dentist pretty much all my life. I got very nervous just thinking of making an appointment. At the dentist I always felt extremely uncomfortable and obviously I avoided going to the dentist as much as possible. I had only one session with Donald which was a sufficient to "eliminate" this exaggerated feeling of fear. It is like it simply got deleted from my system. I am very grateful and amazed. Donald is very nice to talk to. He projects a calm and grounded energy. I highly recommend him.

From pulling back to springing forward

Donald has helped me with the thing that kept me from being my true confident self. I have struggled with the "inner saboteur" giving into procrastinating and insecurities about my personal and professional capabilities and value to the point of missing business opportunities. After my session with Donald I felt a shift and a lightness that translated in a trust in life and confidence that is pulling me forward to go out there and be and enjoy the success in my life wholeheartedly. If you're struggling with self image or any other self value and confidence issues I'd definitely recommend him for his empathy and the very powerful techniques he uses. Thanks again, Donald!

Snake Phobia

Thank you Donald for curing my snake phobia that I have had for many years.I was so amazed at how easy and fast it was to do this .Now I can watch tv and not worry snakes will appear ! It has changed my life . Kind Regards Debbie


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