Control your Pain with hypnotherapy

I specialise in helping people deal with, or even eliminate, pain.

Living with pain can, at times, feel unbearable, whether it is short-term acute pain or long-term, persistent, chronic pain.

Pain can have many different causes, some of which may be medical, others of which may defy medical diagnosis and have their origins in the mind (psychosomatic pain), such as Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome, many cases of fibromyalgia and anxiety induced pain.

In some cases, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what is causing the pain, but to the sufferer it is very real.

In most cases, particularly psychosomatic pain, I use hypnotherapy techniques to help reduce the pain to a more comfortable level or even eliminate it completely.


I am delighted to say that all my services can now be provided online, over Zoom, Skype, Teams, WhatsApp or Facetime, as well as face to face at my clinics.

Let me help with your pain.

Please be aware that it is imperative that if you are in any kind of pain you get it checked out by a doctor before seeking help through hypnosis.

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