Stop Smoking In One Session!

I can help you kick your smoking habit in as few as one session.

People smoke for many different reasons.

For some, they believe it is a way of dealing with stress, while others believe that it is a way of helping them relax (although if you study the changes to your physiology when you have a cigarette it is anything but relaxing!), while for others – probably, the majority, it is about the image – and a way of fitting in.

Almost all smokers know that smoking is extremely detrimental to their health. They also know that they should stop before the impacts on their health become too great– but very few find themselves able to do so. Like so many things that we know are bad for us, conscious awareness is not enough to bring about lasting change.

The fact is that, when it comes to stopping smoking, willpower counts for very little. In fact you probably have plenty of willpower – you have resisted your friends and family who have been asking you to stop for years! Help is needed, and hypnosis has been shown to be the most effective way to stop smoking in the largest ever scientific study undertaken in this area.

In fact, hypnotherapy has been proven to be between three to five times more effective than all other methods including, nicotine replacement therapy (patches, gum) and any current available drugs.


I am delighted to say that all my services can now be provided online, over Zoom, Skype, Teams, WhatsApp or Facetime, as well as face to face at my clinics.


Let me help you stop smoking.

To book a free, no obligation, 15 minute Zoom session with me, to tell me a bit about what is going on with you, and so we can both make sure that working together is the right thing, click the button below and it will take you straight to my personal calendar and allow you to select a time that works for you.

After this session you will be under no obligation at all to continue.



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